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League of Legends -  What New Players Need to Know About the Gameplay

League of Legends matches take place on different maps that are called Fields of Justice in-game. The most popular map is the Summoner's Rift. The objective on this map is to destroy the enemy base which is called the Nexus. Players will first select a champion that will represent them on the Field of Justice. This is quite overwhelming for new players as there are lots of champions. Players can narrow their selection by first deciding on a role or a play style. The six champion roles are assassin, tank, support, marksman, mage, and fighter. All champions have stats and abilities. Champions from the same category have a similar play style but different abilities so each champion provides a unique experience. 

Players control their champion with keyboard and mouse. Movements and attacks are performed with the mouse. Spells are cast using keys. Players can customize the game's controls if they wish. Also players could use League of Legends RP Card to play well in game. The nexus is an important building that is found inside a team's base. The goal in Summoner's Rift is to destroy the enemy nexus. The team that manages to do this, wins the game. The two bases are connected by three paths that are called lanes. The area between the lanes is called the jungle. There are neutral monsters that inhabit the jungle. Players kill these monsters to acquire gold. The nexus spawns creatures called minions. These minions start moving towards the enemy nexus using the lanes as soon as they spawn. They automatically start attacking enemy players and minions. They can be killed. Champions are rewarded with gold when they take down minions. Turrets are placed along the lanes and they will attack both minions and champions. They are also called towers. There are multiple types of towers depending on where they are placed on the map. Inhibitors are defensive structures that spawn a very strong minion when they are destroyed. The gold is used to buy items that increase a champion's fighting abilities. 

So these are the basic things you should know about League of Legends gameplay. Stay tuned with us for more game news please.